6 GMO Myths You Need To Stop Believing

The usage of chemical pesticides has become much common because of GMOs. It is a major issue in different parts of the world. It is important to know about the effects of pesticides on your body. 6 of the most common myths regarding GMOs are listed below and it is recommended to stop believing them.

1. Myth: GMOs are in existence for past many decades

There is a big difference between genetic modification and traditional breeding. Genetic modification is a process in which genes are transmitted from one organism to another by using bacteria, virus or special gun. It is an unnatural process that’s why it has certain risks.

We are concerned about the genetic modification of seeds and other ingredients in food. The genetically engineered seeds are produced by companies that can tolerate heavy herbicides sprays. Always buy organic seeds for your garden rather than these genetically modified seeds.

Myth: GMOs have been around for thousands of years

2. Myth: GMOs decrease dependence of farmers on older pesticides

You are absolutely wrong if you think that you will not require older pesticides once you start using GMOs. You must be aware with the fact that the problem of superweeds has become more severe by using GMOs.

Myth: GMOs reduce farmers' dependence on older, more toxic pesticides.

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